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Last version: September 1st, 2023

 1. Scope of the Terms and Conditions, Definitions:

These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”) equally apply to all categories of the Kärnten Card and to other offers and services of the Interessengemeinschaft (Interest Group) Kärnten Card (hereinafter referred to as “IGKC”), provided that there are no different provisions specified in individual clauses. A direct contract will only be concluded with self-responsible, independent, commercially local suppliers and service providers (hereinafter referred to as “partner companies”).

“Inclusive Partners” are partner companies which the Kärnten Card customer with a charged Kärnten Card can visit once (max. 1x) per day free of charge. The exact scope of services can be found on the respective detail page of the tourist destinations and our advertising media.

Bonus Partners” are partner companies that are subject to a best-price guarantee; they must grant cardholders the same or better conditions than any other individual customer.

For the issuance and the use of the Kärnten Card, the following conditions apply expressly as agreed:


2. Services, Definitions:

With the purchase of the Kärnten Card or the purchase of a Kärnten Card service package on a pre-existing card equivalent to the purchase of a Kärnten Card, the respective buyer acquires the right to the services described in the brochure, depending on the card category and subject to the present General Terms and Conditions. These are either inclusive services of the Kärnten Card inclusive partners, bonus services of the Kärnten Card bonus partners, or services of the Carinthian transport association.

The services of the Carinthian transport association are excluded from the Kärnten Card seasonal package. The inclusive services comprise the use of the offered services already paid by the purchase of the Kärnten Card. The bonus services only include the right to a reduction of at least 10% on the admission fee to be paid for the services used. Decisive for the scope and type of service to be claimed is, in addition to the respective card category, always the non-binding content of the Kärnten Card brochure.


3.Scope of Services / Liability:

All partner companies of the Kärnten Card act self-responsibly as independent commercial enterprises. The partner companies are obligated to provide cardholders during the campaign period with all their services identified as the Kärnten Card services in the indicated service quantities and in a timely fashion within their normal business hours as well as according to their General Terms and Conditions. The services of an inclusive company can be used maximum once per day. The exact scope of services can be found on the respective detail page of the tourist destinations and our advertising media.

Limitations on the use of the Kärnten Card services may generally arise from the operating hours of individual partner companies, which do not cover the entire campaign period of the Kärnten Card, especially due to weather‑ and season‑related circumstances. Therefore, one shall take the non-binding opening hours indicated in the Kärnten Card brochure as well as any other information of the partner companies into account (e.g., their website, etc.).

The IGKC reserves the right to terminate the agreements with individual inclusive partners, bonus partners, and the Carinthian transport association at any time during the campaign period for important reasons without having to compensate the cardholder for the possibility of using the services offered.

For the services of the “National Park Kärnten Card”, the conditions of the “Hohe Tauern – die Nationalpark-Region in Kärnten Tourismus GmbH” apply additionally.

4. Toll Roads / Shipping Lines / Mountain Cable Cars:

When using toll roads, every vehicle passenger (motorcycle, car, or bus passenger) must have a valid Kärnten Card. Otherwise, a proportional road toll will be charged.

The offer of the shipping lines refers to the trips scheduled according to the timetable and not to special events and special services.

The Kärnten Card is a leisure card and not a sports card. The offer of mountain cable cars therefore does not refer to daily multiple repetitive traffic for sports purposes (e.g., paragliding, tobogganing, cycling, etc.).

5. Issuing Prerequisites:

The Kärnten Card is issued by authorized sales or issuing offices. Previously issued Kärnten Card seasonal packages can be recharged at authorized charging points or points of sale as well as via authorized Internet portals. The charging points or points of sale are assisting issuing offices of the IGKC.

The National Park Kärnten Card is issued free of charge by certain tourist accommodation companies for the duration of the tourist’s stay and can thus not be purchased.

6. Validity Requirements:

The Kärnten Card is issued exclusively for the respective owner and is neither transferable nor heritable. It is only valid in conjunction with an official photo ID. The Kärnten Card services can therefore only be claimed by the person named on the card within the validity period (hereinafter referred to as the “campaign period”) of the Kärnten Card (campaign period).

The campaign period is specified in the annually updated Kärnten Card brochure. The validity period of each individual Kärnten Card depends on the respective service package purchased. This applies to both the Winter Kärnten Card and the Sommer Kärnten Card.

There will be no cost reimbursement for any unused or partially used cards and service packages in one calendar year.


To use the Kärnten Card services, the cardholders must show their Kärnten Card to the respective partner company or the member of the Carinthian transport association that checks its validity. The cardholder is obliged to show an official photo ID on justified demand. If they are unable to do so, the use of the Kärnten Card services will be denied.

8. Misuse:

In the case of misuse or mere suspicion of misuse, the individual partner companies are entitled and obliged to withhold the card without replacement and block for further use.

The transfer of the Kärnten Card to third parties is not permitted and will result in consequences under criminal law and subsequent claims for damages

9. Prices and Discounts for Children:

The applicable prices are specified in the Kärnten Card brochure or on the website for each respective card category and service packages. The age group discounts are based on the birth year indicated in the Kärnten Card brochure for the respective calendar year.

10. Theft/Loss:

In the event of theft or loss of the Kärnten Card, the cardholder can report this incident to any issuing office. The IGKC assumes no liability for theft or loss. Free duplicate printing of the card only possible upon presentation of a valid photo ID.

11. Disclaimer of the IGKC:

The IGKC assumes no liability whatsoever for any damage incurred to a cardholder in connection with the use of services offered. The IGKC is solely liable for the technical handling of the Kärnten Card between the owners of the Kärnten Card and the partner companies. In any case, the issuing of the Kärnten Card and the associated possibility of using services does not entail any liability for the IGKC for any damage resulting from the use of the services. When using the services of the Kärnten Card, a direct contract is only concluded between the cardholder and the respective partner company. Only those partner companies whose services are used are self-responsible, independent, and liable to the cardholder.

12. Applicable Law / Place of Jurisdiction:

Any legal disputes arising from the use of the Kärnten Card are subject to Austrian law. The place of jurisdiction is the competent court at the headquarters of the ICKG.

13. Data Protection Declaration:

For the purpose of using and issuing the Kärnten Card, personal data (name, first name, (title), date of birth, postal and email address) will be processed, for which you have given us your consent as part of the purchase of the Kärnten Card.

When purchasing a Kärnten Card weekly ticket using Print @ Home, it is essential to upload a photo to prevent misuse.

These personal data are passed on to the IGKC by our respective sales offices for the central processing and administration of the Kärnten Card, used by the latter for the central statistics production or administration and, for the purpose of using the offers linked to the Kärnten Card, to the self‑responsible, independent commercial persons partner companies. You can revoke this consent at any time without giving reasons in writing with effect for the future. Upon revocation, the Kärnten Card will be blocked and will cease to be entitled to benefits in the future.

Without your express consent, your personal data will not be passed on to Kärnten Card cooperation partners for advertising purposes. Kärnten Cards charged up in the course of the Carinthian family card campaign are excepted. In this case the data is passed on to the state of Carinthia for analysis purposes.

All personal data will be anonymized after expiration of the legal deadlines. You have the rights of information, correction, deletion, restriction, data transferability, revocation, and objection. If you believe that the processing of your data violates the Data Protection Law or if your data protection claims have otherwise been violated in any way, you can complain to the supervisory authority. In Austria, this is the data protection authority.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Interessensgemeinschaft Kärnten Card Betriebe
Trattengasse 32
9500 Villach
Tel.: 04242/90 525

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