General terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions apply likewise to all categories of Kärnten Card as well as for other offers and services by companies of Interessensgemeinschaft Kärnten card, unless otherwise expressly stipulated within the single regulations.



With the purchase of the Kärnten Card or by loading a Kärnten Card service package on an available card the purchaser is entitled to take advantage of the offers presented in this brochure, according the card’s category and according to the present general terms and conditions. Those are inclusive benefits offered by Kärnten Card inclusive partners, bonus benefits offered by Kärnten Card bonus partners or benefits offered by the Carinthian Transport Association.

Benefits offered by the Carinthian Transport Association cannot be claimed by holders of Kärnten Card for local residents.

Inclusive benefits include the use of the offered service, which has already been compensated by purchasing the Kärnten Card.

Bonus benefits entitle to a reduction of at least 10% off the price which is to be paid for the particular service used.

The non-binding content of the brochure is – besides the purchased card category – always authoritative for the extent and kind of service which can be claimed.

2.Scope of services / liability:

All partners are obligated to put their as Kärnten Card offers marked services at the disposal of Kärnten Card holders, within promotion period, normal business hours and general terms and conditions of business or transport.

Bonus partners are subject to the best price guarantee and have to grant Kärnten Card holders better or equal conditions than any other individual costumer.

Limitations in the use of Kärnten Card offers can generally arise due to the opening hours of some Kärnten Card partners which, mainly due to circumstances attributed to weather and season, do not cover the full promotion period of Kärnten Card offers. The opening hours given without engagement in this brochure and any information given by the Kärnten Card partners (i.e. the respective website, etc.) are therefore to be observed.

Moreover, the Interessensgemeinschaft Kärnten Card reserves the right to end the agreement with individual inclusive partners, bonus partners and the Carinthian Transport Association at any time, even within the promotion period, due to important reasons, without having to compensate Kärnten Card holders for the subsequently omitted possibility to use the offered services.

In general, the Interessensgemeinschaft Kärnten Card and its cooperation partner Anzeigen & Marketing Kleine Zeitung GmbH & Co KG do not assume any liability for any damage card holders might sustain while using the offered services.

When using such services, the card holder becomes a contractual partner of the particular Kärnten Card partner, so that claims, whatever they may be, are to be asserted exclusively to the respective Kärnten Card partner.

For services provided by Nationalpark Kärnten Card the terms and conditions of  the Hohe Tauern Die Nationalpark-Region in Kärnten Tourismus GmbH are also valid.


3. Toll roads / boat lines / cable cars:

On toll roads every passenger (motorcycle, car or bus passenger) has to have a valid Kärnten Card, otherwise a proportional toll is charged.

Boat line offers relate to scheduled trips according to timetable, but not to special events and special services.

The Kärnten Card is a leisure card and not a sports card. Cable car offers does therefore not refer do daily repeated rides for the purpose of sport activity (among others paragliding, tobogganing, cycling).

4. Issuing conditions:

The Kärnten Card is issued by authorized issuing offices. Already issued Kärnten Cards for local residents can be recharged at authorized recharging offices or on authorized internet platforms.

The Kärnten Card for locals provides the residents of Carinthia or East Tyrol a customized offer.

The Nationalpark Kärnten Card is issued free of charge by certain accommodation facilities for the duration of stay and cannot be acquired by purchase.

5. Validity conditions:

The Kärnten Card is non-transferable and is only valid in conjunction with valid photo identification. All Kärnten Card services can therefore be used exclusively by the named holder within the Kärnten Card validity period (promotion period).

The promotion period, within which guests can take advantage of the services after purchasing the Kärnten Card, is defined in the annually issued Kärnten Card brochure. The validity period of each Kärnten Card is determined by the purchased service package.

The Kärnten Card and its service packages are valid for the calendar year of their purchase. No refund is applicable for costs for unused or only partly used cards and service packages.

6. Use:

In order to obtain Kärnten Card benefits, the card holder shows his Kärnten Card to the respective partner or member of the Carinthian Transport Association, who will check the validity. The card holder is obligated to show valid photo identification upon request. If the card holder is not able to do so, Kärnten Card services can be refused.

7. Misuse:

In case of misuse or suspected misuse the individual partners and the Carinthian Transport Association are entitled and obligated to confiscate the card without compensation.

Transferring the Kärnten Card to a third person is not allowed and may result in consequences under criminal law!

8. Prices and reductions for children:

The prices of the individual card categories and service packages given in the respective Kärnten Card brochure and on may apply. The reductions based on age groups comply with the years of birth that are mentioned in the Kärnten Card brochure for the respective calendar year.

9. Use of personal data:

With the purchase of Kärnten Card for local residents the card holder expressly agrees that his personal data (name, date of birth, postal and email address and phone number) may be passed to Kärnten Card cooperation partner Anzeigen & Marketing Kleine Zeitung GmbH & Co KG.

With the purchase of “Kärnten Card – Kleine Zeitung Vorteilsclubkarte” (card with combined services of “Kärnten Card for local residents” and those of Kleine Zeitung Vorteilsclub member card – the so-called “Kombikarte”) the card holder expressly agrees that the user data of his Kombikarte may be passed to cooperation partner Anzeigen & Marketing Kleine Zeitung GmbH & Co KG in the course of electronic data processing.

The card holder furthermore agrees to receive information from the cooperation partner via phone, fax, e-mail and SMS for advertising purposes, direct advertising or in the form of bulk mail about current subscription offer, books, leisure and cultural events. The card holder is entitled to revoke his approval to the use of personal data at any time in written form.

10. Theft/ loss:

In case of theft or loss of the card, the guest can report this occurrence to any issuing office. The Interessensgemeinschaft Kärnten Card and its cooperation partner Anzeigen & Marketing Kleine Zeitung GmbH & Co KG are not liable in case of theft or loss.

11. Applicable law / legal venue:

Any legal relationships between the Interessensgemeinschaft Kärnten Card Betriebe and the card holder are exclusively subject to Austrian law except for the UN law of sale (UNCITRAL) and the reference provisions of the conflict of laws (IPRG).

Any legal dispute emerging from or being related to the legal relationships between the  Interessensgemeinschaft Kärnten Card and the card holder, the responsibility of the court responsible for Villach, Austria is agreed.

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