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Welcome to the Website of Kärnten Card!

The Kärnten Card is the key to adventure, fun and lots of advantages. It opens the doors to more than 100 destinations throughout Carinthia and you may return to your favourite attractions on as many days as you like. Furthermore there are more than 60 bonus partners allowing exclusive reductions to all visitors with Kärnten Card.


Keltenwelt Frög

Wir möchten Sie informieren, dass die Keltenwelt Frög am 28. April und 29. April geschlossen hat.

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Ihr Kärnten Card Team


Tscheppaschlucht Ferlach

Die Tscheppaschlucht ist bis auf Weiteres gesperrt.

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Wir möchten Sie darüber informieren, dass Minimundus erst am 29. April 2016 öffnet. 

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Stadtpfarrturm Klagenfurt

Wir möchten Sie darüber informieren, dass der geplante Öffnungstermin vom Stadtpfarrturm Klagenfurt auf unbestimmte Zeit verschoben wird.

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Mit der Kärntnermilch Saisonpaket günstiger aufladen!

3 Abschnitte aus der Kärntnermilch Vollmilch Packung ausschneiden, im Kärntnermilch Frischemarkt* abgeben und ein Kärnten Card Erwachsenen-Saisonpaket bzw. Senioren-Saisonpaket um € 3,-- oder ein Kinder-Saisonpaket um € 1,50 günstiger aufladen.

*Frischemarkt Feldkirchen, Ossiacher Bundesstraße 5
*Frischemarkt Spittal, Villacher Straße 92
*Frischemarkt Hermagor, Gailtalstraße 4
*Frischemarkt Villach, Industriestraße 3

Ihr Kärnten Card Team


What are the features of Kärnten Card?

Free admission to over 100 of Carinthia’s most beautiful destinations, 1 super bonus partners offering 50 % reduction, over 60 bonus partners offering great reductions and about 45 % reduction on bus and train fares (Kärnten Card for tourists). 

During what period can I use the Kärnten Card? 

The Kärnten Card is valid from April 10 to October 26, 2016 and its use is unlimited! 

Where can I get the Kärnten Card? 

You will get the Kärnten Card in many sales offices all over Carinthia – like in all tourist offices. Many accommodation facilities offer the Kärnten Card for free for the duration of your stay!    

What should be kept in mind?

The Kärnten Card is only valid in conjunction with photo identification! Check-ups are possible at any time. In case of misuse or illegitimate transfer the card will be immediately withdrawn. For terms and conditions see the menu item Terms&Conditions.

Carinthian Tourism Quality Initiative

Entrepreneurs who implement the requirements of the Carinthian Tourism Quality Initiative with lots of commitment and motivation will receive the Carinthian quality seal.

The company, as well as its employees, show ther dedication to the "Carinthia" brand, making the unique holiday feeling for "the joy of living" something which quests can also experience.

In their establishement, the host create an atmosphere where peopple can come togehter and feel a sense of well-being with high service qulity.

By offering regular consultations, fulfilment of the quality promise made to the guest is ensured.


Online Top-up

As local resident you have the possibility to simply top-up your Kärnten Card online using your credit card (Visa or Master Card) and to get free entry to over 100 of Carinthia’s most beautiful destinations.

Online Voucher

Here you have the opportunity to buy a voucher for the Kärnten Card for locals or Kärnten Card for tourists online with your credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

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